My work starts from a geographical point and quickly permeates my inner space. I become involved with the possibilities of paint and design; how these can be used to describe an environment, but also how the marks and patterns capture the energy and rhythm of both our external and internal landscapes. Intensive mark-making, pattern and colour create a sense of a world within a world.

The South African landscape is fantastically rich and varied, from the restrained vegetation of the Karoo to the flamboyant growth in the subtropical areas. In addition, we have a complicated and deeply emotional attachment to land and the landscape. Our sense of belonging is inextricably embedded in this place of beauty and strife. Sometimes a landscape enhances my sense of belonging and sometimes it is the other way round. I remain intrigued by this.


Work on show

2023 Lichen poster now available
A1 size, unframed, R1 650
Please send me a message if you are interested