Yes, my Mom is an artist

Written by Karin Daymond
Category: Journal Created: Tuesday, 27 February 2018 10:27

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Notes from my delightfully sarcastic offspring, on growing up with an artist mother…

  • Complementary colours were old hat before I was five
  • One eye squint and fingers measuring the view means it’s going to be a long trip
  • Seeing distant smoke and driving towards it to study the veld fire
  • Artwork taking seating precedence in the car
  • Not knowing what to say when asked “are you an artist like your mother?”
  • My first playdate and I come home to report that it was fun, but I don’t know where their studio is
  • Fighting my way down the passage through a forest of paintings
  • What do you mean I can’t doodle in class?
  • Aprons behind the kitchen door, more paint than food on them
  • Strange music
  • Can I eat this, or is Mom painting it?
  • “All fruit looks like vaginas”
  • Please go fetch the cerulean blue plate
  • Knowing no one in your family will ever play rugby
  • Suddenly, during play season, she’s the most popular mother at school, makes up for her absences when she paints the backdrop
  • Squinting at me like I’m a painting
  • Is that painting of me; am I sleeping or dead?
  • Gallery finger food, Saturday lunch
  • No Prestik, but kneadable erasers work too
  • Living in a house that’s purple, but only we can tell that it’s not brown
  • Never any HB pencils, only 8B or 2H
  • Graceful, last-minute and relentlessly aesthetic approach to everything, including science projects
  • Home time and she is photographing the lichens on the trees in the school parking