Lost at Sea

We traveled to Sardinia, a wonderfully rugged island off the west coast of Italy. I was entranced by this wild and proud place and plan to return for a self-styled residency. In the meantime I consoled myself by 'stealing' stones. While we were exploring the hidden recesses of this fiercely traditional island, I kept an evolving collection, editing as we travelled. The island is unforgiving terrain and seems to spit out an endless variety of rock. When we left, I had settled on a small selection which we packed in a suitcase that was supposed to go in the hold, but ended up as hand luggage. Long story.

Customs officials in Sardinia are special. They rock those epaulettes, mirrored glasses and white gloves like nowhere else. They also have some of the most sophisticated scanning that I have seen. Ping! Madame...you may not rob the island of its natural resources (fair enough). This can be a 3000 euro fine! So it was goodbye to my little collection of memories and inspiration. I think my genuine dismay at losing my beautiful stones must have softened his heart and he didn't fine me.
When we were home and unpacking the suitcases, to my joy I found these three undiscovered stones wrapped in a sock! Perhaps I will return them to their beach when I go back...